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The Proper Thing

Sarah J. Sloat

The Proper Thing (erasure by Sarah J. Sloat)


Michelle Granvile

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To Burn the Night

Christopher Morgan

from “Two Young Lovers”

It takes

This   all day
low point

ignore the hate
he paid for it

the money   extravagant
his language

I   see
the man
and walk
down   toward   him.

I have
come back
to burn the   night

the work
won’t be safe for
the children

I’m sorry   Listen.
this mess is
the only home I’ve ever had

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A Sharp Startle

Christopher Morgan

from “The Pink Lady”

distinct   the feeling
I could neither move nor speak

he was gone.

I had   fallen silent
as if
That night
had actually happened.

I stood out

my experience,
a sharp   startle

he   terrified that

My   experience   was
a sensation of being followed
at night

mother experienced this many times
It became   common for each of us

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Misery 31

Sarah J. Sloat

Misery 31 by Sarah J. Sloat

[I looked for you everywhere]

Jessy Randall


Stone Freed

Deborah Guzzi

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sit later

Alisa Golden


From the Gulliver series: Bob Grumman

Anny Ballardini

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from the Beetles Series

Jessy Randall

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