concīs is published year-round on this site (the Stream) and three-times each year in the form of digital anthologies (Seasons).

Founder, Editor and Receiver-of-Complaints

Chris Lott and his (sometimes dis-)associated personalities. Chris is a  teacher, pen and paper addict, occasional poet, founding editor of Eclectica Magazine and proprietor/improprietor of the surprisingly popular Katexic Clippings and the newly-birthed Notabilia newsletters.

Contributing Editor

Christopher Miles, a damn fine poet himself, who is thankfully generous with his time.

Co-Founder, Reader, Man of Mystery

Galen Dotey, who has published poetry in various tiny paper publications while working as a wildland firefighter, day laborer, short order cook and bookstore gopher. This is more or less his first foray into the online world…in just about any form!