We were inspired to create concīs by too many other sites, zines, journals and poems to ever fully list. But here are some of the more prominent.

Other Publications

Some alive, some fondly remembered. Some online, some print, some hybrid. All care(d) about concise, powerful work. In no particular order:

First Stop Fiction / hobart / jmww / One Sentence PoemsNANO Fiction / Smokelong Quarterly / Word Riot / Cease, Cows / Cleaver Magazine / Corium Magazine / Brevity / The Journal of Compressed Creative Arts / Boston Literary Magazine / The Bookends Review / Spork / Dogzplot Flash Fiction / Right Hand Pointing / white knuckle press / Monkeybicycle / AlbaShort, Fast, and Deadly / Camroc Press Review / 100 Word Story / Vestal Review / Flash / Oblong / A-Minor

A Commonplace Collection

Specific works that inspire us…for your reading pleasure and your writing knowledge (in case you want to submit your work). Almost all of these have appeared in our Katexic Clippings newsletter, which is probably the best place to get a feel for what we like (and it’s pretty darn good on its own)!