News & Notes

12/19/15: The Penultimate Piece

Just posted the next-to-last work for Winter 2015. But that’s just the beginning. Still to come: the online/web Season, the PDF/eBook Season, updated author and title indices and a free contest featuring some Winter Season authors. Oh, and announcing our Winter 2015 donation to Room to Read!

9/1/15: Launch Day!

We just flipped the switch to make the site live. Expect many tweaks over the next few weeks…and a complete site re-design/re-code toward the end of the year, since this design is unfinished.

8/28/15: Submissions Pouring In

We were worried about receiving enough work to get things rolling. That hasn’t been a problem…we are receiving more good work than expected! We definitely have plenty of material for a tips page on simple problems to avoid if a writer wants their work to be considered beyond a glance…

8/4/2015: No More Web Designer

A small disaster: our volunteer web designer flew the coop leaving me with a partially finished design for concīs. So we’re continuing where she left off, using WordPress, which has the advantage that we basically understand it but the great disadvantage that we don’t understand it well enough (and it has limits) in customization. We’re either going to have to find another unpaid designer or (eventually) re-code the site by hand ourselves. Sigh.