From the Gulliver series: Bob Grumman

Anny Ballardini

From the Gulliver series: Bob Grumman (Anny Ballardini)

Anny Ballardini completed her PhD (2013) at the University of Verona; her dissertation explores Charles Sanders Peirce’s philosophy in relation to contemporary American Poetry. Her MFA (2008) at the University of New Orleans was earned with a specialization in poetry. She has published two collections of poetry: Ghost Dance in 33 Movements (Otoliths, 2009) and Opening and Closing numbers (Moria, 2005). Her writing appears in online collections. As a literary editor, she is the founder and editor of the Poets’ Corner. She has translated Henry Gould’s In RI (2010), and several other poets from English into Italian and from Italian into English. Ballardini works as a translator and interpreter, and teaches English in Bozen, South Tyrol.


  1. Very nice, Anny, and fitting tribute.

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