A Sharp Startle

Christopher Morgan

from “The Pink Lady”

distinct   the feeling
I could neither move nor speak

he was gone.

I had   fallen silent
as if
That night
had actually happened.

I stood out

my experience,
a sharp   startle

he   terrified that

My   experience   was
a sensation of being followed
at night

mother experienced this many times
It became   common for each of us

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An erasure poem using Nancy Roberts' novel Georgia Ghosts (John F. Blair Publications, 1997)

Christopher Morgan is a Lebanese American prose poet who grew up in Detroit, the Bible Belt of Georgia, and the San Francisco Bay Area, where he currently lives and co-manages Nostrovia! Press. The author of two chapbooks, Shadow Songs (Sad Spell Press, 2015) and Fables with Fangs (Ghost City Press, 2016), his poetry has been published at Gargoyle, A cappella Zoo, Voicemail Poems, Yellow Chair Review and Fruita Pulp, among others. He loves hiking in the redwoods and happy hour margaritas.

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