O. Henry Don’t Leave Us

Theodore Eisenberg

One leaf clutches dirt with
vertices, its raised abdomen
blotched red, as if a blood
creation, holding on.

Theodore Eisenberg retired from the practice of labor law in 2014 to write every day. He is married, with four children and six grandchildren. His poems have appeared, or will soon appear, in The Listening Eye, The Aurorean, Poetica, Thema, Rattle, Halfway Down the Stairs, Slipstream Press, Crosswinds Press, Lighthouse Journal, Jewish Literary Journal, Main Street Rag and Rugged Sky Anthology. His chapbook, This, was published earlier this year by Finishing Line Press. His poems are what becomes “this” for him – fragments received within the circle of his intimacy.


  1. Deftly done! So surprising!

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