Voyager 2, thinking, types things

Mark A. McCutcheon

Very very very very very small
Billion miles recalculating
We don’t know details well at all
The direction we were last going

Calculable but undetectable
Earth would be the one-yard line
As bright planets are invisible
Now does not exist in space-time

Outer solar system missions
With the winds from other stars
As in trigintillion years never

But please do send invitations
People might think there are bears
To hear from you by tomorrow over

This sonnet-cento is composed of lines excerpted from tweets by @NSFVoyager2. The title remixes that of the song "Thinking Voyager 2 Type Things" by Bob Geldof (The Vegetarians of Love, Atlantic, 1990).

Mark A. McCutcheon is from Toronto, and lives in Edmonton, where he teaches English literature at Athabasca University. Mark’s poems are published or forthcoming in literary magazines like On Spec, EVENT, Existere and UnLost; he has also published short fiction in Carousel and subTerrain. His criticism and book reviews appear in The Explicator, Continuum and Extrapolation, among other scholarly journals and books. He tweets as @sonicfiction.


  1. […] of mine in print today at concīs magazine — — is a fine Christmas bonus. “Voyager 2, thinking, types things” is a sonnet made from humankind’s longest-range communications—intel from #Voyager2, as tweeted […]

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