The Little Laser Girl

Lorraine Schein

Light: The wands she sold were brighter than the snow, a colder light.
Amplification:  She flipped one on—it flared open, a humming white door.
Stimulated by: Oscillation between energy levels and the subtle realms of matter.
Emission of: Coherent light waves, so she could see the dead and the almost existing.
Radiation: Electromagnetic—she saw her grandmother pulsing in the now-visible,
ultraviolet-infrared regions of the spectrum as she froze.

Lorraine Schein is a New York poet and writer. Author of The Futurist’s Mistress (Mayapple Press), Schein's work has appeared in New Letters, Hotel Amerika, Vallum, Confrontation, Wreckage of Reason, and Gargoyle and in the anthologies Gigantic Worlds, Phantom Drift   and Aphrodite Terra.


  1. I really love the idea and execution here. Could this become a new form perhaps?

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