All That Good Stuff


take the prose of a poem   the teeth of a grin
lost weekend of a savior   heyday of a has-been

golf shoes of a president   a jew’s christmas cheer
a punchline in german   the court eunuch’s leer

warren beatty’s crow’s feet   johnny depp’s address book
the mouth of a mime   the vow of a crook

take a scrivener’s eyes   a blackmailer’s file
straightedge of a schoolmarm   a judge’s denial

the twitch of a surgeon   a divorcée’s glow
repose of a greyhound   a yes man’s hell no

the staple from a centerfold   bouquet of a bride
stand in line for a seat   bite down hard, open wide

take an open house tour   through a boychild’s wet dream
hey diddle diddle   don’t make a scene

take the prose of a poem   and a guilt-wracked scapegoat
hey nonny nonny   death row clears its throat

Guitar by Chuck Prophet

klipschutz (pen name of Kurt Lipschutz) is the author of several books of poetry, including This Drawn & Quartered Moon (Anvil Press, 2013) and The Erection of Scaffolding for the Re-Painting of Heaven by the Lowest Bidder (o.p.). A Visit to the Ranch & other poems, his collection of San Francisco and Pacific Northwest poems, was issued by Last Word Press in October 2015. He also co-edits the collectible quarterly Four by Two, and writes songs with Chuck Prophet.

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