Karen Stanislaw

something says
keep the curmudgeon:
bat with teeth, brainy
guy, heel, nun’s ass –
keep this furniture.
the lame attempt at
pecking at logs.

Karen Stanislaw, while perverse as empirical student throughout her undergraduate and graduate experiences, schlepped a portable typewriter to Europe because intuitively she knew she could and should write poems. Lover of the asymmetric, negative space, *juxtaposition - she is also a visual collagist. Her poems have been published in the journals Margie, the American Journal of Poetry (United States) and Obsessed with Pipework (United Kingdom). She has performed her own poems - calling the expression "live collage -" both in New York City and in Mexico City. Born and nourished in New York, she has also lived in London, Amsterdam, Mexico City - and now, for reasons/and in a spirit "quite juxtapositional -" Miami.

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