Rhizome Culture

David Bankson

but keep the fingers from severance, from severity of assumption, from a neighborhood of sheer glass in gravel, peeling out pickups like boars roaring and squealing, the crash of running out of antipsychotic healing, pirates reading poetry for the ultimate in democratic experience, an intermezzo existence, a stone’s-throw through a solid state, culture as a surface of water trickling through cracks, one hand in the hound’s mouth

David Bankson lives in Texas, hacking and nursing his personality disorders. His poetry and microfiction can be found in (b)oink, Thank You for Swallowing, Artifact Nouveau, Five 2 One, Indiana Voice Journal and Walking is Still Honest.


  1. Jackson Ahern says

    I think this is fastastic. Grand use of language that can only come from the free spirited mind of a creative genius.

  2. Shahidah Janjua says

    A stunning piece of work. Powerful. A lesson in how to say volumes and paint a political landscape in a few well chosen, heartfelt, words.

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