Beginning at the Golden Panda

Ashley Kunsa

this skin traded for fortunes
unknown   a nice cake
awaits you   the morning
after, an envelope steamed open
by disbelief   you are the only
flower of meditation
in the wilderness   a fire
that tastes like knowing   we want
to have a testimony but don’t
want the test  laps up
desire with the urgency
of fate   you are about to become
$8.95 poorer, $10.95
if you had the buffet

Ashley Kunsa's creative work appears or is forthcoming in Sycamore Review, Pembroke Magazine and the Los Angeles Review. Her recent poetry has been published in Gravel, The Cape Rock and Sweet Tree Review, among others. A native and long-time resident of Pittsburgh, she is currently Visiting Assistant Professor of Creative Writing at Rocky Mountain College in Billings, MT.

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