Winter 2016 Seasonal Anthology!

The Winter 2016 Seasonal anthology is out, featuring Alexander Dickow, Allison Adair, Amy Jo Trier-Walker, Annie Grizzle, Bobby Fieseler, Brad Rose, Brian Clifton, Caitlin Scarano, Caitlin Vestal, Catherine Rockwood, Cutter Streeby, Danny Blackwell, Derek Mong, Devi Laskar, Eric Pankey, Gerard Sarnat, Hilary S. Jacqmin, Ion Corcos, Ivy Alvarez, Jaime Garcia, Jeanie Tomasko, Jennifer Fliss, Jessy Randall, Kyle Kinaschuk, Matthew Johnstone, Melissa Mercer, Merrill Cole, Sarah Jane Sloat, Seth Copeland, Simon Perchik, Sonja Johanson, Steve Gilmartin, Tammy Peacy, Theodore Worozbyt, Thomas Snarsky, Tracy Mishkin, Vicki Iorio, William Cullen and photography by Jim Judd and Galen Lott!

If the embedded issue below is loading too slowly, you can read online or download the PDF (11.6mb).


  1. Lovely to get this as I’m trying to avoid avoidance while writing a book of short stories under a publishers deadlines!

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