Jeanie Tomasko

anno Domini: as in the ever-after that came after the before or literally; in the year of our Lord
        (in the Year of Our Lord Remember When, I knotted for you an)
annulet: a small bracelet

annotation: by the way
        (by the way, it was a remarkable year, as in it was)
see: mirabilis, sp. summertide mirabilis: a remarkable and notable season (where)

anti-gravity: a suspension of rules, existed
        and, an
alteration: in the usual rhythm as in

arrhythmia: awry or
anno arrhythmia (in the Year of our Sudden Alteration) or
anno ardor: in the summer of the year of our un-doing, you

Jeanie Tomasko's most recent publication is Violet Hours, published by Taraxia Press, in which a small girl does some fascinating things. The book has a lovely French cover and is hand-sewn.


  1. anno domini (“In the year of Our Lord”) is a favorite phrase that i like to use when telling the date to the residents at the nursing home where i work. they often ask me the date when i have to give them cares in the middle of the night, and they all are women of a religious order. somehow i enjoyed this meditation extending the phrase to times and contexts of a relationship. an education, like many others on this site.

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