Self Portrait through a Photographer

Cutter Streeby

and you tell me you take your men from different

angles and catch them in your frame and gather

them in your drag : and I imagine you make them

like fish of the sea : you see : natural like this : and

you show me images and images and images and say

look : they are beautiful here and the meat of this

city is plenteous for me : and I ask if you’ve been

captured before : and you show me yourself hung in

the black ropes and dancing and say : this is aerial

silk : the art of suspension : and you read these lines

over my shoulder and it is dark in the city and your

studio is cold tonight and the light from my

computer is blue over us and alma inversa you say :

alma inversa : these men are not animals ayes : but

people I love in the moment I am with them :

te ves en mis llamas : you see yourself in my flames

Cutter Streeby's poetry, essays and translations can be gound in The Cincinnati Review, Hayden's Ferry Review, The White Review and many other publications.

image by Jim Judd


  1. Nice references to the color and expanse of the sea, and the analogies, metaphor or hanging upside down, as a fish on a hook. The promise here in these words of hidden, deeper, sea deep meanings. Wonderful!

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