Practicing in Snowshoes

Sonja Johanson

Focus your gaze
 on fur rippling
around your vision

 Heels press down
ovals of ash-splint
 sinew underfoot

Mittens, boiled wool
 caked in white crust
fingertips burning—

 Stone chapel, closed
c’est L’eglise
 the arched red door

Look up; snowflakes—
 they drift in,
settle on your boots

Sonja Johanson has work appearing or forthcoming in BOAAT, The Writer’s Almanac and Outlook Springs. She is a contributing editor at the Found Poetry Review, and the author of Impossible Dovetail (Silver Birch Press), all those ragged scars (Choose the Sword Press) and Trees in Our Dooryards (Redbird Chapbooks). Sonja divides her time between work in Massachusetts and her home in the mountains of western Maine.


  1. Beautiful!

  2. Kandi Pitrus says

    It’s so perfect. It’s exactly how snowshoeing is.

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