Hold Me Closer, Tony Danza

Jaime Garcia

then you wouldn’t understand the people we’ve been.
in a field, the last scenarios left on earth
fight each other
and the broadcast shipwrecks in your throat.
to celebrate the end of the visible universe
we smoke a fuckton of honey oil
and wonder what expanse it is that we really haunt.
the first law of emergencies:
that they are never consumed with this much quiet.

Jaime Garcia is from Rubidoux, California. His poetry has appeared in Voiceworks, Contrary, Word Riot, Minetta Review, Ruminate and The 3288 Review.


  1. Haven’t smoked fuckton, yet, but have heard fair share of shipwrecks. Sounds lonely. Out!

  2. Carol Ciavonne says

    Like this very much.

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