Brad Rose

The sign in the window says Ladies dresses 70% off. Can’t be sure whether that’s an invitation or a warning. Like God, the cause of the incident is still under investigation.

Stop me if you’ve heard this story so many times, you can’t remember what it’s about. Administratively speaking, you’d do the same, if I were in your shoes. With the deluxe nightmare, it comes at no extra cost, excluding normal wear and tear.

I may look like I’m hiding in a drowning, but I’ve learned you can have an excellent memory, if you don’t spend all your time trying to forget. It’s as easy as an electrocution in standing water.

It’s such a beautiful evening tonight, don’t you think? The breeze, cool and slow, your eyes, dark dead stars. With my hand in yours, I feel relaxed as an ax lounging in blue sequined moonlight. The throat of the moon pulled out like a drawer.

Brad Rose was born and raised in Los Angeles, and lives in Boston. He is the author of Pink X-Ray (Big Table Publishing). Twice nominated for a Pushcart Prize in fiction, Brad’s poetry and fiction have appeared in The Los Angeles Times, Folio, decomP, Lunch Ticket, Boston Literary Magazine, Right Hand Pointing, The Baltimore Review, The Midwest Quarterly, San Pedro River Review, Off the Coast, Posit, Third Wednesday and other publications. Brad is the author of three electronic chapbooks of extremely short poetry and prose: Democracy of Secrets, Dancing School Nerves and Coyotes Circle the Party Store. Audio recordings of a selection of Brad's published poetry can be heard on SoundCloud and an interview with Brad is available at Right Hand Pointing.


  1. That last stanza is killer. Seriously good (as is the rest of the poem). Thanks for the ride!

  2. The throat of the moon pulled out like a drawer is lovely, but I want it to join the preceding sentence.
    I like the whimsy of this and, “Like God the cause of the incident is still under investigation.” Yes!

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