Lookout Mountain

Rick Alley

Stuffed with the tongues
of hummingbirds

the snapdragons
stoically choked

through August into

Mother heard
the thunder

days before
the storm.

Of course, her nerves
were a spine

of army ants
on fire.

Rick Alley is the author of The Talking Book of July and August Machine. He was a finalist for 2016 National Poetry Series Award and The Philip Levine Award.


  1. Linda Goulden says:

    Story, images, senses, atmosphere, form, enjoyable consonance, assonance, alliteration, small package. See what you mean.

  2. Yoby Henthorn says:

    Really good. Amazingly vivid.

  3. Jack Darrow says:

    this is a good poem

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