Paper Revolution

Lita Kurth

Paper stays with us, black and smoky like the sky above the roofs but behind the trees and there, automatic, it wasn’t, that thing that made me turn the lights on, car alarms buzzing and shouting, a noisy night of mammalian thunder and siren’s arms spilling out of cars. When the bomb hits, it’s only one, and wow, what a brightness and forth of July to a dead revolution, but bombs still burst. Here’s me in my quiet bed imagining blood. If only those soft curls fell on wounds, if only the snow, but why even talk of snow in a San Jose drought? This will be forgotten; an impact arises and grows from ambition, is that right? I doubt it. There’s door-kings of glass to grab, but leave the door closed. All the belts behind the door hide their history and the sky is cracking. Where are the soft hamburgers of pointed pain, a mess, but popcorn helps. It has no edges, only a plaintive mew. The bombs scratch the sky. Did we really do it all on purpose? We bought it, the breaking of many branches.

Lita Kurth earned her MFA from Pacific Lutheran University and has published work in three genres. Her creative nonfiction, “Pivot,” and flash fiction, "Gardener's Delight," (Dragonfly Press DNA) were nominated for the Pushcart Prize. Winner of the 2014 Diana Woods Memorial Award and co-founder of the Flash Fiction Forum reading series in San Jose, Kurth teaches at De Anza College and in private workshops and is a contributor to Tikkun DAILY, the review review, Classism Exposed and San Jose's Metro.

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