As Soon As Possible in the Past

Jeff Griffin

Stuffed animals left a knife smell
we stick on the asphalt. I suggested no

such half-toothed smile. Warm
drink, arrogant beauty—

possibilities of night, deserted
hallways. It was—

 it was not her.

A blonde started throat dancing.
I dance, I did, I dance, I do a little.

Light, chewing sound of copper pennies
being run through the mouth. I found

myself licking the motel window.
Air thick with burning feathers.

Tape the door closed, tomorrow
will take all day.

Jeff Griffin is the author of Lost and (University of Iowa Press, 2013). He holds an MFA from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop and is currently pursuing his PhD in creative writing at the University of Kansas. An associate at Griffin Moss Industries, Inc., he also operates the publishing house Slim Princess Holdings.


  1. I think it’s perfect.

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