concīs Summer 2017 Season Anthology!

The concīs Summer 2017 seasonal anthology (PDF) is out! Featuring: Allan Peterson, Amanda Bermudez, Anatoly Molotkov, Benjamin L. Perez, Bob Heman, Brad Rose, Britny Cordera, Christian Tanner, Clemonce Heard, Deborah Bacharach, Devon Balwit, Eric G. Wilson, Florence Lenaers, Howie Good, Jake Edgar, James Blevins, Jari Chevalier, Jeff Griffin, Jennifer Handley, Jennifer Wortman, John Sibley Williams, Jude Dillon, KJ Hannah Greenberg, Kristen Havens, Kristen Renee Miller, Laton Carter, Lita Kurth, Martha McCollough, Michelle Granville, Nate Maxson, Peter Munro, Rick Alley, Ricky Ray, Robin Wyatt Dunn, Salvatore Difalco, Timothy Adams, Will Cordeiro and Christopher Lee Miles!

Cover: “Field Tripping” by Katie Buchan


  1. This is awesome! It shows that new generation poets and writers aren’t frisking about. Hence, i’m so excited that they are frolicking always with their peckish pen.

  2. Bravo! More stellar work from concīs!

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