[four poems]

Bob Heman

inserts words
into the field
the others approach

the meaning there
nothing more
than their experience


they were repeated
where the sky
was empty where
the trees ended
where even the
bears had machines


this was
how they
went away

a door
in a field
of flowers


predictable words
arranged upon
the ground
they walk upon

they are removed
if too much
meaning gathers

Bob Heman's poems and prose poems have appeared or are upcoming in New American Writing, Sentence, Otoliths, Caliban online, Right Hand Pointing, Skidrow Penthouse and many others. His art includes collages, drawings and cutouts ["participatory cut-out multiples on paper"]. He edits CLWN WR.


  1. Zev Shanken says:

    Love Bob’s work. Glad at the choices he made here.
    Best Spark/Cliff Note gloss he did on himself :
    ‘…removed / if too much / meaning gathers ‘
    Really does what artists do

    Rearranges what we have–
    Words, colors, clay
    In such a way
    They are recognizable but not.

    It’s a movie I’ve seen before
    But now I appreciate the lighting,
    Angles and mood music when they kiss.
    This time around I ask, ‘Where’s the orchestra?’

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