Toda Dia, Toda Noite

Catherine Moore

for Maria Teresa Horta

The dung beetle aids the earth with its slow collection of a fecal diet. The ladybird beetle unwittingly pollenates, in fertile droppings, as it chases whiteflies. Small offerings. Unmeditated. Like a cochineal gifting red dye or silk worms secreting thread. The banal. By remnant. In bits. Like some Maria at her small Portuguese window pushing pen onto paper, waiting for her marmalade to set.

Catherine Moore is the author of Story (Finishing Line), 921b Elysian Fields Avenue (Return to Sender) (KentuckyStory), and Wetlands (dancing girl press, 2016). Her writing has appeared in Tahoma Literary Review, Cider Press Review, Southampton Review and in various anthologies. She won the Southeast Review’s 2014 Gearhart Poetry Prize and had work included in The Best Small Fictions of 2015. She is tweetable @CatPoetic.

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