Rain, the rumble of future rain

Gail Goepfert

—lines found in habry, Helen Degen Cohen

In the middle of the universe
 in its silent eye
 like a black pearl,
take a deep breath with me, and rest

in the deep forests of the earth
silken blue, among orange poppies
 deep, deep in
and the silence blows.

Now her high time is over.
  Let her lines speak—

it was, really
 all the little days
 the things she saved alive
with such wildness
 a rose in her hand
 weightless and smiling

 humming & humming

Oh Lord, there is
 her poetry to lie on
 and wind, and wind and glisten
and harps
 writing shadows in the golden sky.

Lantern; orgasm. Silence.
 Later, perhaps, the holy moon.

Gail Goepfert is a poet, photographer, teacher and multiple Pushcart nominee. Currently, she is an associate editor of RHINO Poetry. Her first chapbook, A Mind on Pain, was released by Finishing Line Press in early in 2015. Recent publications include Blue Lyra, Crab Orchard Review, Jet Fuel Review, Florida English, Examined Life Journal and Room Magazine.

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