Dreaming in Red, Awake

Kelsey Dean

at grandmother’s house, watching
sliced-open figs
 plump, ooze fertile seeds and sugar

self-medicating: sage   parsley ginger
boiled, burning, taste of root-flesh tattooed
 along esophagus, abdominal knots
shifting shape, kaleidoscope, always
heavy,   bright pomegranates

their husks nothing but fists
 filled with blood   the figs
placentas undone, the cats clawing
the trash bags
 screaming in the night

Kelsey Dean spends most of her spare time stringing words together and training her hands to draw the pictures in her head. Her writing and/or artwork can be found in several publications, including 3Elements Review, Glint Literary Journal, Arsenic Lobster and The Rain, Party, & Disaster Society.


  1. Matt Dennison says

    Very powerful, visual, organic, timeless.

  2. Lori Wenner says

    Great imagery.

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