Caitlin Scarano

the year I spent eating

eyelashes suckling

a hangover hippocampus

slamming on & off like a stagelight

I couldn’t stop watching

that trashbag caught in a tree

 pray for a break in the blight

how many people won’t

speak to you now

there was a silo I knew

that burnt down and what remained

was a cement ring this

is autopsy membrane

fixation in all my territory

I find so little tender

Caitlin Scarano is a poet in the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee PhD creative writing program. Her poem "Mule" was selected for the Best New Poets 2016 anthology. She has two poetry chapbooks: The White Dog Year (dancing girl press, 2015) and The Salt and Shadow Coiled (Zoo Cake Press, 2015). Her recent work can be found in Granta, Crazyhorse and Ninth Letter. Her debut collection of poems will be released in Fall 2017 by Write Bloody Publishing.

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