The Seven Deadly Factors

Jaap Stijl



1     They don’t hate you. They’re hungry

2     Is it like sleeping?

3     The jig of the rain on the rooftop that you are missing.

4     the sling you cut

5     Tomorrow no longer exists.

6     The people who have to extract your crushed body from the roof of the car.

7     the technicolor of what you no longer can see.

Jaap Stijl was born in Leiden, The Netherlands and received his BS in Agronomy from Denventer Agricultural College in the Netherlands before moving to Argentina to work as a gaucho and tour guide at the Estancia Los Potreros. Following a brief stint as a vermicast sculptor, he returned to The Netherlands to become an apprentice juggler with The Netherlands National Circus. During that time he published Tussen Nacht en Naakt, a collection of essays and poetry on Dutch colonial exploitation of Indonesian coffee workers. Since then, Jaap has written several words down in a certain order.


  1. The biography of this writer is fascinating. As is the poem.

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