Spring 2016 Season Anthology!

The concīs 2016 Spring Season anthology is available for online reading and download. Featuring: Adrienne Christian, Bobbi Lurie, Charles Leggett, David Graham, David Spicer, Deborah Guzzi, Diana Smith Bolton, Dylan D. Debelis, Gary Wilkens, Ingrid Jendrjewski, Jaap Stijl, Jack Darrow, Jacqueline Winter Thomas, Jefferson Navicky, Jennifer Gravley, Joe Nicholas, Jonathan Travelstead, Judith Skillman, Kate Bernadette Benedict, Kierstin Bridger, Landon Godfrey, Lauren Page, Len Kuntz, Mark Young, Matthew Johnstone, Maya White-Lurie, Mercedes Lawry, Michelle Chen, Nyoka Eden, Peter Donahue, Peter Munro, Richard LeBlond, Roberta Feins, Steve Tomasko, Susan Kay Anderson, Tad Richards, Tatiana Ryckman, Tom Montag, Trace Ramsey, Wendy Carlisle, Zach Walchuk and cover art by Melanie Lewis.

Each of the 43 works this Season are powerful far beyond their compact proportions.

If the embedded issue below is (too) slow to load, use this direct link: https://concis.io/go/spring16-season.

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