Hospital (2)

Matthew Johnstone

There’s picture I take of some
of me
catching bone       from city floor.


houses       to numb eyes. Sent from
the objects.       Fires seen
shooting from heads.       Death flower
sifted ash       as if it were many.
Floors       that cough. It cannot

be moved loyal away.       Some
mannequin       from its
primal building

apertures. Inside the houses I
lived under.

Matthew Johnstone is the author of one full length collection of poems, Let's be close Rope to mast you, Old light (Blue & Yellow Dog, 2010), and the chapbooks o n e (Inpatient Press, 2015), and Note on Tundra (DoubleCross Press, forthcoming). He co-edits Pider ( and hosts the E t A l. poetry readings, both of Nashville, Tennessee.

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