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Tiny Lobsters

Robert W. Fieseler

Denny snacks on termites
that fall from
the thatched roof.

They, too, will dance
in a heated spoon.


Tom Snarsky

Underthought as in underfoot, not
Undercooked. Dry snow, not wet meat.

Images are culpable if thought is
Infinite, like we sometimes imply.

To hold that all can be presented
Again, with minimal complication,

Underappreciates the way dry snow
Hides water from the subtle boundary

Of a phase transition. Melt, refreeze,
Step on, step over. Get out of the way.

kitchen caught

Annie Grizzle

comfortable between keys or connected strings it’s not
 tricky transposition obliging
 on summer wear
i do not hold you dense

[winter dusk]

Danny Blackwell

winter dusk
   looking back
I turn to nothing

from The Introvert’s Guide to Dreams

Brian Clifton

Luckily, you’ve separated a calf from its herd. It darts into the woods. You follow, your entire family at your heels. Together, your panting fills the forest with moist and rhythmic movement. If you sense anything, it’s that nature doesn’t always want you inside it. But there you are, gnawing through nature’s ribcage. You drag the calf from the woods into the light. It is not alive; a pulse remains in your jaws.

You stare at the river from the bridge that spans it. Your chin rests on the metal railing. You feel the bridge start to shake. When the wobbling becomes more pronounced, you hear the footsteps—marching toward you, fresh from the blackberry patch, an army of children, their mouths smeared into a constant opening.

Over My Dead Body

Brad Rose

I’m happening, now. I can’t stop myself. It’s always TV about food or food about TV. I’m employed, yes, but not gainfully. Maybe it’s better to start every conversation with a question? I’m a bomb-ass disco dancer, but I’m strictly non-confrontational. People tell me I remind them of a beginner’s trapeze mistake. Yes, my pants are on backwards, but I’m well-armed and extremely courteous. If I had a hammer, the other animals wouldn’t stand a chance. Except for the wolves. Those cowards took the 5th amendment. I’m feeling lucky as a lottery ticket, but that may be an overestimation of the DNA evidence. Ricky said that if you have the right attitude, every day is a holiday. Just think of it. To each his own. I’m going to get to the bottom of this, even if it kills me. Have you ever heard of such a thing? No, I didn’t think so. Get in the car. This is not a test.