The Prop is Not an Apple

Katy Chrisler

It is not too late to meld splendor with the
Bodies that grow from instruction. Her outlaw,
Common sense. He, underground. “They got it
Wrong, the gods we have.” I can feel your steps
Unravel with the clarity of youth. A blossoming
Of raw beginnings. There is no ordinary along with
All their other oblivions. He doesn’t get a full house.
The statues will recover with menace, forecast:
“We can try again to want less heraldic colors.”

Katy Chrisler received her MFA from the Iowa Writers' Workshop and has held residencies with Land Arts of the American West and 100 West Corsicana. Recent work of hers has appeared in Tin House, Conflict of Interest, The Volta, The Seattle Review and Black Warrior Review. She currently lives and works in Austin, Texas.


  1. Justin Hamilton says

    To Katy,
    Integral and near crucially complex undertones undermines other perhaps so to speak, lesser poetry.
    Not a full house. Do I dare wish for a Royal flush? Me thinks not. Thank you for the art!

  2. beautifully wtitten and love the hidden undertones and the ambiguity it implies

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