hands down are roots to lift a well

Glenn Ingersoll

There were two of them, both empty.
A ringing continues in the larger bell.
He tells me he can feel it days after the striking.
A storm at the horizon sputters with amber lights.

One world waits for its hunger. Presently, it has no stomach.
If listening is required, you’ll want batteries.
That was, once again, the wrong noise.
It came at an opportune moment for the argument.

Where is the zoo? Near the natural falls?
One alarm was always false, an unimportant one.
Solutions were proposed and tabled, soon perfected unused.
The last attempt succeeded, but in a direction that left them behind.

Glenn Ingersoll works for the Berkeley Public Library where he hosts Clearly Meant, a reading and interview series. He has two chapbooks, City Walks (broken boulder) and Fact (Avantacular). He keeps two blogs, LoveSettlement and Dare I Read. Recent work has appeared in BlazeVOX, Futures Trading, Poetry East and Askew. Ingersoll thanks H. D. Moe for the title of the poem.


  1. Fantastic

  2. Wonderful, both the reading and the poem.

  3. I like it. It’s a poem that gets out in front of you & keeps you guessing. Lots of surprises & there’s a consistency in the element of surprise. Always heading off in tangents, bending & bowing towards opposites.

  4. Thank you for the comments!

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