Notes on a Modern Cinderella

Cassandra Farrin

This version will not be as ugly as poor Berlioz who slipped on sunflower oil at the turnstile, the one who fell under the train steered by a Komsomol girl. Let’s say worse than the Grimms’ toes but not so horrendous as heads. Trains do pull into stations, but no one dies under them. Although, in a serialized novel Sanshiro circa 1900 Tokyo, even then a woman might be heard crying from the track, oh oh it will all be over soon, and this edition shall have roughly the pathos of that.

Cassandra Farrin is a poet, adoptive parent, and editor of books on the history of religion. She lives in Idaho, where she also occasionally attempts tiny farming projects.


  1. Anna-May Laugher says:

    Delightfully odd but still flows like blue silk used to represent water on stage.

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