The Tailor of Twitter

Amy Holman

He measured     the pattern     to be cut bias
cherry-coloured     snippets
that will serve one single button hole.

He talked to himself     little twittering tunes     his greatest triumph
but there was no one there
He was vexed     like a cat that expects

cream on the dresser

No more twist!
Throstles and robins sang

His badness     hunted and searched     house to house
and secret trap-doors     without any keys
merry voices an echo

ravelling     that wonderful coat
Never were seen such flowered lappets

And he talked to himself:     do not lose that last penny!
We shall make our fortune     shut out the light

Note: Found poem only using words and phrases from The Tailor of Gloucester by Beatrix Potter

Amy Holman is the author of Wrens Fly Through This Opened Window (Somondoco Press, 2010) and Wait For Me, I'm Gone (Dream Horse Press, 2005) which was the chapbook prizewinner for 2004. Poems have been elsewhere, such as the website for Archaeology Magazine and in the Best American Poetry 1999, and more recently in Gargoyle. She is a literary consultant living in Brooklyn, New York.


  1. Terrific!

  2. Lisa Andrews says:

    I love this! Riddle and rhyme and whimsy, echo and shudder! Pleasure and shiver: delight!

    Love this muchly!!!!

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