Unanswered, Untranslatable

Devi S. Laskar

On her mother’s tongue, the word is “andho”
blind unseeing, blind’s undoing. Blind blind.

In her mother tongue, the word’s embedded
in the dim, inside the well deep with night.

“Andho-kar” is darkness, synonymous
with a sky scorned by stars, emptied of moon.

Memory is praised and plundered, rued, like
a yew tree fallen to blight. You see our

weather as foregone conclusion but berth
is not a birth except when it is one.

Devi S. Laskar's recent photographs and art can be found in The Florida Review and The Raleigh Review. Her chapbook Gas & Food, No Lodging will be published by Finishing Line Press in 2017.


  1. Frank N Barbee says

    One of the most beautiful and profound poems I’ve ever read!

  2. Carol Ciavonne says


  3. Simply wonderful. Craft and imagery and passion all coming together. Thanks…

  4. fine job/ thanx


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