At Dusk

Kristen Havens

Walking at dusk, wild
flowers fry on the gray-green
back of a world half

asleep. The sun sets
fire on car fenders while in
kitchens cutlery

clinks. A show bell rings.
Dogs call out in their yards: Hey
pal, you hear that? Hey

hey, hey. Shaking voice
boxes at the fading day.
Hey hey, hey. Hey hey.

Bonus: reading by Keisuke Hoashi!

Kristen Havens' poetry and fiction is forthcoming or has appeared in Kaaterskill Basin Literary Journal, The HYSTERIA Anthology, The Fourth River, Ekphrasis, Slipstream, FRiGG and 88, among others. She lives and writes in Los Angeles.


  1. Carol Ciavonne says:

    I love this.

  2. Very evocative! I especially like your use of line breaks to add power to your imagery, Kristen. :- )

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