Edge & Lita

Dylan D. Debelis

We all want that live sex raw wing tipped boots center of that raised ring. We all want that tattooed eagle braless clawing at our brain until blastoff.

You wanted to fly, you wanted to spear fish, you wanted manliness and the spider perched inside your jaw.

Prove it.

You wanted to prove it so much you threw your voice out moaning so the audience could hear it.

We all want that audience to hear us triumph, pin count, eruption of boos, chorus of dueling chants.

We all want that vindication, stomach inflation, penis pumped-up celebration.

You wanted to hold the high school first love nights like an invisible ink cipher.

And you also wanted them broadcast to your absent father, and the classmates who hated your gap tooth grin.

We want the moments back that get moments back that remind us that we are never going to get those moments back.

We all want that live sex showcase, wing tipped boots center of that raised ring raw.

Dylan D. Debelis, a founding editor of Pelorus Press, is a publisher, poet, performer, chaplain, and minister based out of New York City. Dylan has been published in more than twenty Literary Magazines and Reviews including the Buddhist Poetry Review, [TAB] Literary Review, and Carbon Culture Review.

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