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concīs Spring 2017 Season Anthology!

It’s HERE! Featuring 45 poems, prose poems, flash fictions, micro nonfictions and erasures by 36 authors. Read/Download now!

A Sharp Startle

Christopher Morgan

A Sharp Startle by Christopher Morgan » …I had fallen silent / as if // That night / had actually happened…

To Burn the Night

Christopher Morgan

To Burn the Night by Christopher Morgan » …I have / come back / to burn the night…

sit later

Alisa Golden

sit later » a visual poem by Alisa Golden

Stone Freed

Deborah Guzzi

“Stone Freed” (an erasure poem) by Deborah Guzzi » …Hiss but heroes, seek release / must bond to luminous air…

Misery 31

Sarah J. Sloat

Misery 31 » an erasure poem by Sarah J. Sloat

Not glamor but Glamor

E. Kristin Anderson

Not glamor but Glamor (E. Kristin Anderson) » …all the glamor / (the odor of flowers) scooped wraiths…

I Stagger Toward the Future

Daniel Shapiro

When the West needed rediscovery, the powers sent a clown with a camera to compile the spotless carnage. This was before viral. Reptiles ate the strings off guitars. Townspeople wandered with eyes covered to block the awkward flips from color to black & white to color. The new colonists let their hair explode, posed with […]